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Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages do the Airkit vents have over competing manufacturers' vents?

    Our vents have a larger opening for a given size vent. In the case of the large eyeball vents, they flow at least 15% more air then the nearest competitor. It is very noticeable, especially on hot days.

What materials are used to manufacture Airkit vents?

    Airkit vents are made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and are precision machined with sophisticated CNC equipment. The vents are all aluminum, and no parts are made from plastics. Some of our competitors use plastics in their vent designs, to keep costs down. Plastic vents that have a mix of aluminum and plastic parts don't work well in temperature extremes due to differences in expansion of the materials. This can result in the vents being too tight and not easily adjustable to being too loose, and not holding position.

How do Airkit vents compare to competitive vents in adjustability?

    Airkit vents have specially designed ball geometry to maximize the amount of freedom in the adjustability of the vents. No other vents on the market have the range of adjustability that ours do.

What are your lead times on vent purchases?

    Airkit has never had a product backorder. All products are always kept in stock, in each size and color.

How many vents has Airkit produced?

    As of January 2006, over 500 vents have been sold over a three year period.

Are your vents used in any certified aircraft applications?


Is Airkit just a reseller of someone else's "branded" vents?

    No. We design and manufacture our own products. There are no middle-men, no distributors, or wholesalers.

Do you attend any of the EAA airshows?

    Yes. We are at the major EAA airshows (Oshkosh and Sun-n-Fun) and make ourselves available to best serve our customers and answer any questions they might have.