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Model 754 Series LED Cockpit Lights

These versatile cockpit lights can be used to illuminate the instrument panel. They can be repositioned to illuminate your charts with their 110 degrees of angle adjustment while being able to rotate a full 360 degrees. Dimensions: 3/4" diameter, 1-5/8" tall fully-extended, 7/8" tall at 90 degrees. The mounting stud is 1/4" in diameter and can be mounted onto a surface up to .200" thick. Switchable models facilitate wiring an SPDT switch (not included) to the light, allowing either red or white operation. We also offer a flush-mount flange to mount the light if the back side of the light is unreachable. Available in four versions:
754R-14V, 4 red LEDs 14V
754R-28V, 4 red LEDs 28V
754RW-14V, 2 red, 2 white LED's 14V
754RW-28V, 2 red, 2 white LED's 28V
Pricing: 754R, $46.00.
754RW, $49.00.

Model 1512 Series LED Eyeball Cockpit Lights

These lights work great in overhead consoles and tight spaces. 30 degree adjustable angle, 360 degree adjustable rotation. LED technology draws less current (40 mA max.) and last much longer, (20,000+ hours.) and are fully dimmable. The light is availabe in three light color version, two housing colors, and two voltages. The light colors are four red LED's, four white LED's, and two red/two white LEDS that can be lit separately with a SPDT switch (not included.) The housing colors are black or clear anodize. There are two voltages: 14 and 28. The light has a 1.45" flange and mounts in a 1.25" hole. The light requires 1" behind the mounting surface and is only 5/8" in front. It will accept up to 0.2" thick mounting surface. Please specify black or clear when ordering. Available in four versions:
1512R-14V, 4 red 14V
1512R-28V, 4 red 28V
1512W-14V, 4 white 14V
1512W-28V, 4 white 28V
1512RW-14V, 2 red, 2 white 14V
1512RW-28V, 2 red, 2 white 28V
Pricing: 1512R, $96.00.
1512W, $99.00.
1512RW, $99.00.